Conveyor System & Automation

NSW has a wide range of conveyor system and automation to automate the painting plant. In the industrial sector, for tasks such as material movement to get the output effectively and efficiently, the company offers different types of conveyor systems. Considered to be the most useful equipment, these systems reduce handling and manpower and also provides predefined process path for improved productivity.


Overhead Conveyor System NSW overhead conveyor system range from single manual dragging system, continuous motorized conveyor & power & free conveyors.


These conveyor can be for light weight, medium weight & heavy weight components.

Over head conveyor with
trolley system
I-Beam conveyor
Over head conveyor for
automobile parts
Bi-planner 4 wheels
conveyor system


Floor Conveyor System

Floor monorail link
type conveyor system
Floor monorail conveyor
system with round jigs
Floor monorail conveyor with
tray type jigs
Over head & floor monorail
combined painting plant
Metal belt conveyor system

 Belt conveyor, Slat conveyor & Roller Conveyor System

Belt type conveyor system for
metal parts
Slat conveyor system,
I-Beam conveyor
Gravity & motorized roller
conveyor system
Floor monorail conveyor
for plastic parts

On the basics of application, weight, conveyor can be following type & these conveyor can be used as:

 I-Beam conveyor system  Close track conveyor system
Close track power
& free conveyor system
 Sprocket type drive unit
 Caterpillar drive unit  Take up unit