Clean Room

We design and manufacture the world’s most comprehensive range of solutions for the cleanroom industry.
We are designer and builder of cleanrooms and a wide variety of cleanroom components, workstations and air-handling equipment.
Our products are sold to a wide variety of industries across the globe. In addition to standard products shown, we offer wide flexibility to meet unique and unusual needs. Our staff of experienced professionals specializes in providing the most effective solutions for any given cleanroom application. From concept to completion, the high level of customer service experienced by working with CRI is unparalleled in the industry.


Turnkey Complete Cleanrooms

We will design, manufacture and install a custom cleanroom based on your application.

Standard / Wipe Down
  • Modular vinyl, FRP, glass or aluminum walls
  • Vinyl , VCT or painted epoxy floors
  • HEPA fan filter units
  • ISO5, ISO6, ISO7, ISO8, Class 100, Class 1000, Class 10k, Class 100k
  • ACS 2000 power saver system
  • Applications: medical device, pharmacy, electronics, aerospace, & industrial

Clean Room | Industrial Washers and Cleaning Systems
Aseptic / Wash Down
  • Washable stainless steel or welded vinyl walls. Coved corners and ceiling joints.
  • Chemical resistant epoxy or vinyl floor with 4” cove
  • Room side replaceable HEPA or ULPA filters
  • ISO5, ISO6, ISO7, ISO8, Class 100, Class 1000, Class 10k, Class 100k
  • Liquid containment berms
  • Room air pressure, temperature and humidity ACS PHARMA traceability system
  • Applications: pharmaceutical, medical device, hospital, food and beverage


  • Standard construction – epoxy paint on drywall.
  • Coved epoxy or vinyl floor
  • Static HEPA filters with central air handler
  • ISO5, ISO6, ISO7, ISO8, Class 100,
    Class 1000, Class 10k, Class 100k
  • Clear vinyl walls
  • HEPA fan filter units
  • Caster mounted
Special systems
  • +/- precision temperature and humidity control
  • Non combustible
  • Negative pressure rooms
  • Custom size equipment enclosures
  • Contamination control BIBO HEPA systems
  • LEED green building energy saver designs
  • Mezzanines
  • Extreme height and size combination modular and softwall construction