Air Handling Unit

The basic function of the air handling unit is take in outside air, recondition it & supply it to the required place. Depend on the requirement a filtration level, pressurization pressure, temperature & R.H. level can be set. A AHU/ASU is to keep the booths, FOZ & painting are dust free & pressurized so that dust particle do not enter in the painting area & good quality output can taken out.
Except dust level, temperature & humidity also play a role for painting quality.


Temperature & humidity can be controlled by using following stages.

HEATING SYSTEM: To increase the temperature heating is provided. Heating media can be electrical, Gas fired, Diesel fired heat exchanger, Hot water/Steam generator.

COOLING SYSTEM: To cool down the supply air a water cooled/air cooled chilling unit is provided.

HUMIDIFICATION: NSW offer CELDEK media type & spray type water washer offer. NSW effectively utilize above stages to provide best air treatment in the plant at optimize cost.

Air treated with NSW’s AHU resulting reduction of rejection in finished products & improving the quality.

NSW offer single skin & double skin AHU body


Air Handling UnitAir Handling Unit
Off Line Spray Paint BoothASU with nozzle type water washer
humidification & 10 micron filtration