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Washers & Cleaning Systems, Industrial Washers and Cleaning Systems, IndiaP.P Tanks for Dip Pre-treatment LinePre-treatment (P.T) is also known as surface cleaning, washing and phosphate process. It is a multi- step surface preparation process of the products, to be coated, for its long lasting coating strength along with good esthetic finish. This process is a must for removing dirt, dust, oil, rust or any other sort of impurities from the article.Adequate surface preparation and protective coating (phosphate/ chrome) is necessary before painting process to increase the sticking property of paint/ powder to give ultimate strength & quality of paint on the finished products.The selection of the type and size of P.T system depends on the production volume, article size & configuration, space available etc.NSW’s latest pre-treatment systems are perfectly suited for dunk / batch & continous process.

  Dunk / Batch System

Washers & Cleaning Systems - Industrial Washers and Cleaning Systems, India
MS & SS Tanks with Transporter
for Dip P.T Line


This is the process in which the articles are place / hanged in a basket or a jig and then dipped in the process tanks for pre-defined time. The movement of the baskets/ jigs can be with the help of

A) Manual hoist/ transporter:- The movement of the jigs/ baskets is done manually on the hoist/ transporter with timer based controlling system for each stage.

B) Automatic Transporter:- The movement of the jigs / baskets is done automatically, by holding Dolly, on the transporter with the help of P.L.C / SCADA based controllers. This system consists of one or more dollies depending on the time and production of the process.

  On Line Process

Spray Pre-treatment LineBelt Type Washing Line

Floor Monorail
Over Head Monorail Belt Conveyor



On line process is ideal for a mass production and where minimal man handling is required. Being an on line and automatic system, an excellent quality and uniformity in the P.T process can be expected.

Articles are treated by spraying of solution and water with the help of nozzles at certain pressure and quantity. A typical spray P.T system consists of enclosure, tank, pump with motor, header, risers, nozzles, valves’, strainers’, etc. and if required heating system also.

Components or the articles are hanged/ placed on the jigs of the continuous conveying system which passes through various stages of treatment. The length of each stage depends upon the conveyor speed and the process time. The number of nozzles which are placed at equal intervals to spray the chemical or water on the product/ articles depends upon the article size and the conveyor speed. Two stages of treatment are separated by adding the drain zones in between them.

The material of construction can be stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel and mild steel depending on the nature of chemical for the particular stage.

Combination of dip and spray
Some times in certain applications both on line spray and dip process is required. NSW has all the capabilities to design, manufacture and install these kinds of plants to match your requirement of dunk and spray process on the continuous conveying system.

1) Oil removing system
Well tested oil skimmer is provided, at the de-greasing stages, to separate the oil/ grease from the water, which is removed from the products and is transferred into the tanks. The capacity of the skimmer depends upon the volume of the water in the tank and the amount of grease/ oil to be removed from the articles.


2) Sludge removal system
During the phosphate process, sludge is formed and settles down in the tank. Lamella/ filter press clarifier is used to remove the unwanted sludge from the phosphate tank.


3) Agitation
Agitating system is recommended to agitate the water/ solution for better cleansing and process quality. NSW can provide this system inside the tank with the help of compressed air or pump type agitators.


4) Fume extraction system
Few chemicals produce un-healthy fumes which need to be taken out from the working areas and be treated with scrubber before throwing out in the atmosphere. We provide these fume extraction with wet or dry scrubbers for proper ventilation in the paint shop.


5) Heating system
There are various types of heating systems that can be provided for heating of water or solution where ever is required. The selection depends upon a lot of criteria’s which should be discussed during the initial stages of designing.
  • Electrical direct immersion heaters
  • Diesel/ gas fired direct immersion heat exchanger
  • Distant Hot water generator