Shelf Ovens

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These are small ovens are accommodated with shelves on which the product is placed inside the oven for the drying, baking, curing or ageing of metals, filters, paints, shoes, buttons, etc. The temperature ranges from a few degrees above the ambient temperature to 250° C. The sizes range from 12 cu ft to 100 – cu ft. The panel is mounted on the side or on the top of the oven depending on your requirement.

The walls of oven are insulated with super quality mineral/ ceramic wool as heat insulator to minimize the   heat   losses.  Depending upon the temperature range the thickness varies from 75 MM to 125MM.



  • Construction: The oven is made out of mild steel from inside & outside and insulated with 100 mm of mineral bonded wool. It is painted with High Temperature aluminum paint from inside and given rich enamel finish from outside. Oven can also be made in Galvanized / Stainless steel on request.

  • Choice of Air circulation: Vertical, horizontal or combination

  • Heavy duty Shelves: 03 nos shelves made out of angles and wire knitted mesh suitable for oven internal size will be provided along with the oven.

  • Exhaust vent with manually adjustable damper.

  • Heating media: Electric / Gas / Diesel
  • Control panel with Standard Controls
  • Voltage Stabilizer: in case of gas/diesel fired heating system


  • Temperature control: PID with or without temp. Profiling (ramp & soak) can be provided with SSR/ SCR for optimum accuracy. The programming of PID can vary from 4 programmes to 99 programmes.
  • Temperature Recorder: Microprocessor based, strip chart or paper less, Multi-point Temp. Indicator cum Recorder \ Digital Timer, with / without buzzer, to turn off the oven at the end of cycle time at the set temperature.
  • Heater Failure Indicator: Particular heater can be easily identified whether it is in working condition or not. If damaged can be easily replaced in very short span.
  • PLC With HMI / MMI: PLC can be provided for automation and integration of whole system, data feeding, process display and fault indication can be seen in MMI.
  • SCADA System: High quality integration and controlling from one point can be done with SCADA.
  • Exhaust: Automatic forced exhaust system with fresh air inlet.
  • Door switch: Door interlocking system will switch off the blower and the heating system if the oven doors are open.
  • Automatic door: for better space management and to automise the door opening and closing process, vertical/horizontal sliding door arrangement can be provided.
  • Shelf: Additional shelves can be provided.
  • Trolley: Additional trolley can be provided.
  • Stand: for the smaller size ovens