Geomet & Dacromet Coating Plant

NSW has extensive knowledge & experience of more than 15 years in manufacturing of Geomet & Dacromet Coating Plant with implementing latest technology.
Now a days fasteners industries are attracted towards in these kind of plant to avoid chrome plating (no hexavalut & no trivalent).
These coating are water based inorganic coating & avoid pollution in the environment as it is chromium free & has no VOC in it.


 NSW has supplied these plant to LPS, Nipman fastener, Aum Dacro, V.R.Dacro, Sapna Industries, Technoshine and many other reputed companies.
This coating not only protect the environment but also give very good resistance against salt spray, corrosion, temperature, stone chipping, UV radiation & weather. It provide better lubricity and hydrogen embittment is not required as do not emitt it.


NSW offer turnkey coating plant which comprising of following stages:
  • Pre-treatment  Plant (Spray type / Dip type)
  • Water Dry Off Oven
  • Dip & Spin Unit – NSW has dip spin unit with capacity of 5Kg, 10 Kg, 20 Kg & 30 kg. A basic unit is facilitated with easy loading & unloading arrangement, automatic dipping in chemical and automatic spinning to take down excess chemical in the dip tank
  • Chemical Environmental Storage
  • Centrifugal Dryer
  • Combined pre-heating & Baking Oven
  • Forced Cooling System
Geomet & Dacromet Coating Plant Geomet & Dacromet Coating Plant
 Dip & Spin Unit  Centrifugal Dryer