Flow Coater (Mirror/Glass Coating Plant)

A thin layer of paint is build with the help of flow coater & flat items can be coated from top. The coating thickness can be controlled with the help of controlling speed of conveyor & thickness of paint layer.
Belt type conveyor oven is adjoined with the flow coater to dry the paint. Coated parts from flow coater to dryer belt for drying go automatically with smooth movement. Heating media in the drying oven can be Diesel/Gas/Electrical & Infra Red.
NSW has supplied these system in majority inside mirror manufacturing company. However it can be used in other industry as well wherever coating require through flow coater.


Mirror/Glass Coating Plant

Before coating on side mirror, the glass need to be clean with help of degreading system so NSW also provided glass cleaning system.

Flow Coater (Mirror/Glass Coating Plant)Flow Coater (Mirror/Glass Coating Plant)
Glass Coating with drying ovenFlow Coater
Flow Coater (Mirror/Glass Coating Plant)Flow Coater (Mirror/Glass Coating Plant)
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