Painting Plant Automation
Reciprocator- NSW provide electro-mechanical/pneumatic reciprocator for auto movement of Guns for better quality of coating & to save running cost. The reciprocator can be for horizontal or vertical movement of guns to match the requirement.



Part sensing system

It is a P.L.C controlled sensing system to confirm pressure of objects to be painted. i.e The Gun will spray the paint, only when the part is in front of the gun. This result better productivity, lesser wastage of over sprayed paint. This system can also have the controlled movement of the guns as per the object’s height and width.

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Pick & Place System

Automatic Eletroctro-mechanical /pneumatic pick & place system to transfer the object in the booth for coating.

Note: Clubbing the paint robot can give excellent results.



Fixtures & Jigs

Fixture & jigs can be made as per requirement with or without indexing/rotation system/jig rotation/indexing can be automatic/manual continous/90°C indexing manual/automatic.




Auto Recycling & Powder Management System

A re- feeder unit can be fitted at the bottom of the cyclone system to collect the over sprayed powder. The re-feeder unit may be fitted with an automatic recycling system which transports the powder to the sieving system, then mix it with the virgin powder in the required ratio, back to the hopper, thus creating a closed loop cycle. Recovery of powder is important for good operational efficiency.



To keep the Booths in a dust free environment, a closed room can be  provided with a clean air supply unit, thus resulting in reduction of  rejection in finished products and improving the quality of recovered powder for recycling.